Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Be an Official Bro, Get Your Yummy Bro Shirt NOW

Get your Yummy Bro shirts here.  It's official, Hall Trane finally sent up my shirt up to Boston and POOF, cut off.  Shirts legit though so get yours before they all go.  Muscles and Swagger sold separately.  #BeLikeUncleStav

Continue Reading to place your order or just to comment on my Vascular Figure!

Email and talk to Hall Trane himself.  Check for sizes and talk to him about McDonalds or Pizza...he will love it!

Scoot Da Cat with the footage


Anonymous said...

Stav stop flexing for pics

Vert Jones said...

lookin really vascular Stav. Those delts remind me of a great young athlete back in the mid 2000's named Goebel Tippy

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Yeah right. Tippy is allergic to lifting weights.

Gabe said...

Similar build and stature. Only thing missing is the flowing locks of hair and a headband.

Yours truly,


silly sometimes serious dan said...


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