Monday, February 17, 2014

How a pack of Wolves changed the flow of a River

If you dont think Nature is neat then you need to spend more time outdoors, this video is mind boggling awesome.

How much bad ass are wolves? I mean they just changed the entire ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park with their presence in only six years. Something as small as a pack of wolves can effect tree growth, bears, rivers you name it, just hearing that was incredible. This is why there is a food chain and we need those policeman at the top doing their job at all times i.e. Lions, Wolves, Tigers etc.

Still cant beat a bald eagle though for what its worth. Wish they would change its name, Bald eagle is not diesel sounding enough. It should be called Grim Reaper Eagle or the Bear Grylls Eagle

Nature is neat! Neature Walk

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Man Nature is Neat

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