Monday, February 24, 2014

Is "True Detective" Really That Good?

I need to know, is the new HBO Show "True Detective" really as good as people say it is?

Ok, I have to admit I am terrible when it comes to TV Shows.  The one true skill I have when it comes to television is scoping out shows like The Bachelor, knowing every channel King of Queens is on and of course Finding Bigfoot.  But when it comes to shows like True Detective and Breaking Bad...I don't give them a chance.

I was 100% wrong on Breaking Bad, and Netflixed the shit out of it in one week.  Maybe I am wrong about True Detective but that's all people are talking about.  Fans, I need to it worth it?  I heard there are great Bahama Mama's in Episode #2, so perhaps I'll give those mountains a peak...See what I did there!


Grandfather Kav said...

So you watch bachelor and finding Big Foot? Ok Michael Sam

Anonymous said...

Best show since the Wire, maybe...but real good.


Anonymous said...

Very good, plus only 6 episodes into first season with 2 to go. You wont have to spend 3 years of your life catching up.

Dr Burtis said...

Do yourself a favor man. Watch it.
If awards still have any meaning, McConaughey will win them all.

Tut said...

Best show on TV right now. FACT.

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