Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kenzie Hall is my American Idol Winner!

This chick and maybe Im crazy, has the best voice Ive ever heard

Kenzie, whos got an awesome last name too I might add, her and 3 others were voted off the first real episode of American Idol in Hollywood last week without ever getting a chance to sing to America is straight lunacy! Idol tried this new format where not everyone sings on tv and I couldnt hate it more, watched for 2 whole hours waiting for this girl to sing and 2 hours later it felt like Idol kicked me straight in the crotch. Im not even a big Idol fan but when I saw Kenzies audition video a few weeks back I told my imaginary secretary to hold all my calls, because this broads going straight to the top. I wasnt wrong, American Idol was wrong. Now I will be boycotting and not watching the rest of this season. When they see theyre ratings are down from my house, they'll know why.


The Show Stopper


Anonymous said...

Great Audution

Dawn said...

Thank you! 😃 this means a lot to Kenzie.

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