Monday, February 17, 2014

Motivation Monday: 70 Year Old Body Builder BEAST MODE

What's your excuse?  My man Sam "Sunny" Bryant Jr. still tossing weights around at the young age of 70.  DAYUM!

How about this old timer eh?  70 years of age and still the baddest dude in the gym, just unreal.  You know you made it when you can get away with wearing that thing tank top, show off the nips, and not look like Plow while doing it.

Seriously though how does this not get you amped up?  This guy has to just love his life and fitness even more.  Probably still slamming 8's and 9's that are 50 years younger than him too, not a doubt in my mind.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Uncle Stav, few things:
1) You're not funny
2) Your posts are THE WORST
3) I'm not sure what your love affair with Plow is, but it's borderline exhausting
4) Yummybro may be too big of a stage for you to perform on
5) Hall should probably set up a performance review with you real soon

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