Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Older Broad Battle Royale! - Vanna White vs Christie Brinkley

One is 57 and one is 60 and both knock my F'n socks off!

Who do you think is hotter?

Vanna White, 57

and she knits? Total Package Broad

versus the forever young......

Christie Brinkley, 60

Golden Retriever puppy just turning it up a notch

Dont get me wrong I would crawl through the slums of India and over a minefield in Iraq for a shot at Vanna's bush but Im #TeamBrinkley through and through. "You show me a hot chick and I'll show you someone whos tired of banging her" is the truest statement in the world with the exception of Miss Brinkley. This trick can still get student discounts at the movies for crying out loud. We are all men and women created equal is bologna, shes a cut above the rest and deserves a god damn spot next on Mount Rushmore but the Mount Rushmore of Hot Broads.

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For her commitment to the game

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