Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wild Wolf Roaming Olympians Halls in Sochi

No problem.  Sharing problem.  No pillow....piece of cake.  Wolf roaming the hallways....INSTANT PROBLEM.

So Kate Hansen, yes Trane's "Dougie Dancing" Wife took this footage outside her Sochi hotel room.  Nothing like having a wolf roaming up and down the halls trying to eat you.  Absolutely horrifying.

You know Hansen was getting her "Dougie" on with some Slovenian Ski Jumper, goes to get some kinky ice and boom, Wolf.  Sorry Trane, you know what she's doing over at Olympic Village.

If you forget who Kate Hansen is, here you go.


BZ said...

She's LDS and goes to BYU, no chance she's getting penetrated.

Jay said...

This was a prank by Jimmy Kimmel

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