Monday, August 11, 2014

Billy Joel Serenades Christie Brinkley with "Uptown Girl" at Madison Square Garden. Via - @KFCBarstool

Billy Joel 65, looks 85

Christie Brinkley 60, looks 22

Vanity Fair – The song and its inevitable association with his marriage has, at times, been a sore subject for Joel. As recently as last year he told The New York Times how much he enjoyed teaching young students who “don’t ask me about what happened with Christie and ‘Uptown Girl.’” But he seemed to have put all that behind him this week at Madison Square Garden. Joel not only serenaded Brinkley during “Uptown Girl” (and dusted off some of that original choreography she helped him with), he beckoned for his camera crew to capture her smiling and dancing in the front row. Christie shared her own ecstatic reaction on Instagram, boasting about her ex, “He’s still got it!”

Has there ever been a couple that has aged more differently than Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley? Its like every year Billy Joel ages Christie Brinkley subtracts one. He does twice the aging and she does none of it. She’s 60 going on like 24 and Billy looks like his skin is made out of salami. I mean the fact that she’s the one saying “still got it” is so backwards its absurd.
And while I realize back in the day when Billy Joel was a fucking full blown rock star, breaking up with Christie Brinkley probably wasnt the worst thing in the world. I’m sure he ran through a zillion smokes after her and was like “Fuck it, I dont need her.” But now you gotta imagine he’s kicking himself. I mean I dont care how much of a pain in the ass she was, when you realize you gave up potentially the hottest smoke ever with the most illustrious, prolific career of sexiness, all while you waste away into a blob with a goatee, thats gotta sting. I’d be singing Uptown Girl serenading her every chance I’d get.
PS – Can you imagine how much Special Sex Billy Joel got after making her that song? You make a legendary song like that about a girl and she is contractually obligated to never say no to you in bed

(sidenote) This article was lifted from KFC Barstool verbatim, didnt want anyone thinking it was mine. I check their site out on the reg and thought this was just an A++ post, well written, funny and the whole works. so I wanted to post it.

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BZ said...

Jesus H Christ with fucking Billy Joel. Uptown Girl, really? This cunt has the balls to go up on stage and sing like pussy while using lyrics that attempt make him seem like a badass. Dude just needs his ass kicked. Anyone every been to Manhattan? If you aren't feeling tough, go there. You'll be feeling like a Schwarzenegger in Predator real quick after seeing the abortion they call "men" in that town.

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