Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New England Patriots Ice Bucket Challenge

This is why the New England Patriots are the Best Franchise in the World.

Do you see your Owner stepping up for ALS? No.  Do you see your always happy and always talkative stud of a coach getting iced down after a long day of practice? No.

This is what separates the New England Patriots from the rest of the NFL.  Say what you want that I am a homer and all I do is choke the Patriots chicken, this is why.  The Franchise is gold from the owner Robert Kraft to the last hired popcorn vender at Gillette Stadium.  Haters gonna Hate.  Tom Brady is gonna Tom Brady, that's what I always say.


Hey AFC East scrub teams, you guys have 24-Hours to complete your challenge.


Anonymous said...

How has this franchise performed without the benefit of spying cameras? They were losers before they started cheating and losers since they got caught. Belichick can't win a meaningful game without videotaping the opposing team's walk through. And Matt Cassel with spying cameras wins more games than Brady without. You do the math. Don't make me laugh. Patriots = Lance Armstrong. They belong in Russia.

Uncle Stav said...

Lol love the "Spy-Gate" People. Suck on some stats.

Over the past 20 years

Overall Regular Season Record: 200-120

Super Bowl Record: 3-3

Playoff Appearances: 13

Playoff Record: 19-10

Seasons At Or Above .500: 16

Haters gonna hate, Tom Brady is gonna Tom Brady

Uncle Stav said...
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Uncle Stav said...
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Anonymous said...

You're a douchebag, Stav

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