Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why I wont miss Robin Williams

You do tributes for people who pass away not kill themselves

I know suicide, mental illness and depression are real things, but Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Also who kills themselves 2 weeks before football season? If this were February I would totally be on board with Robin.

Heres why I wont miss Robin Williams

  • I dont like it when someone cant take the pain so you put all the pain on your friends and family and make them deal with it
  • In all honesty he wasnt even that good of an actor. Good will hunting, yes he was dynamite and the film is a classic, but he was only a supporting actor. Other than that, I havent liked one single movie of his in two decades. "Jumanji was great Hall Trane" Yea I also liked a big purple dinosaur when I was 9 sooooo I wasnt a very good movie critic back then and I havent seen it since so Im gonna assume it blew.
  • My buddy and I once watched his standup in college, through the first 35 minutes we chuckled once and decided to end our misery and  shut off the VCR with 25 minutes left because it sucked that hard
  • Back to being a sub par actor. People keep acting like he was Denzel. Last movie Ive even heard of that he was in (Just checked his IMDB) was "Night at the museum" in 2006 and before that was Patch Adams in 99. 


BZ said...

Spot on Trane. You're going to catch shit for this but people are soft. Also, pretty much the most brutal stand-up I've ever seen. I would rather watch a chick do stand-up than that hack.

Vert Jones said...

Trane, you're an awesome dude and an awesome friend, but this is the dumbest thing I've ever read. All I can say is people who haven't suffered from depression have zero understanding of what it's actually like. Sure, you can say that suicide is selfish because you're causing pain to those closest to you just so you don't have to deal with it, but when you're depressed you don't see things that way. It's a chemical imbalance, not a bad mood. It's no different than being an addict. As for his acting skills, you're still wrong. Yeah, he made a BUNCH of awful movies. Flat out terrible ones, you can't defend that. But I put him in the Jim Carrey mold. Would you say Jim Carrey is a terrible actor, or was just in a bunch of terrible movies? Robin Williams was an amazing character actor. You can't watch Insomnia or 1-hour Photo or Dead Poet's Society or Good Will Hunting and tell me he isn't a good actor. I don't know. Different people appreciate different aspects of movies. Agree to disagree.

BZ said...

Sorry, I just want to clarify. When I say people are soft, I did NOT mean people with depression or other mental health issues. I mean I'm an asshole but I'm also a health care professional and it is serious if it's a patient or someone I care about. What I meant was some people's over-reaction and hypersensitivity to having an opinion these days. Never met you Vert, but what you wrote was well articulated.

Anonymous said...

Brutal post. You must have been that kid who picked on the special ed in high school.

Vert Jones said...

To whoever Anonymous is, Hall Trane is definitely not that dude. I just think him, and a bunch of other people, are a little quick to judge and form opinions on the matter. And by no means am I an expert, but my sister has her master's in grief therapy, so I've had a few discussions about things like this with her. The truth is, Robin Williams fought addiction and depression for the better part of a decade, probably more. So the whole "permanent solution to a temperary problem," is the square peg that doesn't quite fit in the round hole of logic. If someone is addicted to heroin for 20 years and ends up dying from an overdose, people can't honestly sit there and say "well, he's a moron. He should've just stopped doing heroin." All I'm saying is this is a much more than a simple black and white issue of a guy hanging himself because he was sad.

25 said...

Agreed 23. And even Good Will Hunting is overrated. Insomnia is good but that's a Chris Nolan movie.

Chow K said...

BZ - you're a fucking idiot. Too late to clean up your permeating statement and agreement with Trane. Are you that impulsive that you don't think about your profession before you bash someone's weakness? That's pretty dueschy, bruh.

Anonymous said...

This is something that you don't post

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is was an ignorant post.


Thanks for nothing.

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